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Process 1: design artwork badge. With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawings replaced the previous manual drawings. The badge design artwork software commonly used are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, if you want to generate 3D map badge, and 3D Max and other software support. On the color system, usually using PANTONE SOLID COATED, because the PANTONE color system can better match the color, reducing the possibility of color difference.

Process 2: making badge mold. The design of the manuscript in the computer to remove color, made of black and white color black and white metal bump draft paper printing sulfuric acid according to a certain proportion, method exposure with photosensitive ink making and engraving machine carved template, carved by template to die. To finish the mould, heat treatment is needed to enhance the hardness of the die.

Process 3: suppression. The mold heat treatment often installed on the table, the pattern of copper or iron pressure of different materials on the badge.

Process 4: blanking. The use of a good knife mold, the product according to its shape, punch down the product.

Process 5: polishing. The knife die down products into the polishing machine polishing, remove the burr, improve the product finish.

Process 6: Welding badge accessories. The back of the product with solder on the badge standard accessories or customer requirements of accessories.

Process 7: badge for electroplating and color. According to the requirement of the customers of plating, silver plated, nickel plated badges, copper plating, etc., and then in accordance with the requirements of customers on the badges were colored, finished color, high temperature baking, to enhance the color fastness. Through this step, a complete match with the requirements of the guests made on the badge.

Process 8: the production of good badges in accordance with customer requirements for packaging. General ordinary packaging and packaging of high-grade packaging such as box, we generally operate in accordance with the requirements of customers.

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