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Through this badge: back to 90 years ago, "the 412"

A badge, a history. This is my collection of a period of copper buttons, it is 2.4 cm in diameter, thickness of 0.15 cm. The front part of the center of the badge is made up of a traditional "meaning" word, the lines are extensive and the font is striking. On top of the cylindrical part of the three stars, arranged in the gap properly, from right to left visible "to Chinese traditional clerical Chinese characters, membership card, font symmetry, legible.

Careful observation is not difficult to find, the inner part of the visible red, yellow background, it can be speculated that this badge should be made of copper tire enamel process. On the whole, the "membership card" has lasted for a long time. The edge part of slightly erosion, but the ripe old natural patina, the back engraved with the "to" two words, clear handwriting, product is intact, and it has unique historical background, especially worthy of collection.

In the period of the Republic of China, there are many groups of organizations called "the meeting". As we all know the history of the textbook, "the meeting", refers to the Qing Emperor Guangxu 33 years (in 1907) was established in Tokyo, Japan, the Chinese Association of the external revolutionary groups, it respect Sun Zhongshan as leader. This badge referred to in the meeting, and the organization is not the same. The Expo was founded in Shanghai in the period of the revolution of 1911, the main members of the Shanghai gang. In 1913, Song Jiaoren, who was employed by Yuan Shikai, created the shocking assassination of China and foreign countries. From 1920 to 1930, the rapid development of power, agency, agency, Ren Rong Heng agency, and Jiangbei help revive China society five major factions, main characters for the gang three tycoon Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin. April 1927 Du Yuesheng and other organizations will be members of the Chinese Association for the suppression of the revolution as a hatchet man Jiang Jieshi. The evening of April 11th, he lied to kill design of Shanghai workers' movement leader Wang Shouhua, then ordered the gang crackdown picket team. The second day, led by Jiang Jieshi, the new right of the Kuomintang launched an armed coup against the Kuomintang left and the Communist Party, wantonly massacred the revolutionary masses, resulting in the history of the famous "412" counter revolutionary coup.

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