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Thousands of college students to draw a badge

Hanma run soon, as the country's largest number of university students in Jiangcheng City, students have to recount, cheering for the Hummer cry. 23 college students of Arts and media, Hubei business college, spent a week, more than a thousand pieces of hand drawn "Hanma commemorative badges", horse power.

Yesterday, Metropolis Daily reporter saw these badges to landmarks on the route for the basic game Hummer prototype, with some fairy tales, cartoon characters and other elements, design, and horse spirit, cultural and artistic techniques combined into a "super hero" and "playful marathon", "the trend of language", "the marathon and four theme.

The four sets of badges, by the school of art and the media Institute of product design professional students in 23, under the guidance and recommendations of the vice president of the college, to work together to complete. More than 1000 badges were introduced, they became popular network, two days has been sold out, and even the national design industry, the tip of the action, the famous design of large coffee, but also the collection of the whole set.

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