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Apple encourages employees to exercise more gold, silver and copper badges and T-shirts

Health and exercise is one of the most important areas of Apple Watch. The Activity app can show how much exercise you can do every day, whether it's the amount of calories you're running, or the time you exercise. Apple launched a large number of features around the Apple Watch marketing activities to encourage users to meet the challenge, and actively share their sports results.

Apple Corp also launched an internal related activities, the introduction of Close The Rings activities, employees to participate in this event can receive prizes such as T-shirts and badges.

According to WatchGeneration reports, Apple Corp internal encourage retail and corporate employees to participate in this event, the Apple Watch on the circle filled, so as to get a beautiful gift. It is not known when the Apple Corp launched this event, the specific process, but recently participated in the activities of Apple employees have been rewarded.

Some Apple employees on Instagram and other platforms to get out of the prize they get, including T-shirts and badges of different colors. Badge Zhang products are also divided into three levels of gold and silver copper, T-shirts are black, printed with a positive circle Activity, the back is apple logo.

Apple Corp this only for the company's internal staff to attract 40000 people to participate in the activities, specifically how many people get the prize is still unknown.

Apple is through FitNow iOS application Challenges to promote this activity, Apple employees have specific code, enter the code to participate in activities.

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